(G)I-dle is a 5-member girl group under CUBE Entertainment. The group consists of: Miyeon, Minnie, Soyeon, Yuqi, and Shuhua.The group rose to national prominence in 2020 with their single album Dumdi Dumdi, which peaked at number two on the Circle Chart and became the second best-selling single of all time by a girl group. Their next single „Tomboy” from their first full-length album „I Never Die” topped the „Circle” charts, remaining at the top of the charts for over two monthsand dditionally, it was certified platinum by the Korean Music Content Association (KMCA). Their next single „Nxde” also topped the Circle Chart, making (G)I-dle the only artist to have two songs reach PAK in 2022 year.
Unlike most K-pop girl groups, (G)I-dle is directly involved in the creation of their music. On January 8, 2024, (G)I-DLE unveiled the first teaser post for their second full-length album 2, slated for release on January 29.